Implementing the Green Policy

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  Reduce Paper Consumption

1. Whenever possible, print double sided, at least for drafts and internal documents.

2. Review documents online rather than printing them, or just print the pages you need.
  • To further encourage all staff members to review documents online, we have supplied larger monitors to make viewing documents easier.
3. Purchase office paper with at least 30% recycled content.
  • We are committed to purchasing only office paper that contains at least 30% recycled content. Replacing one ton of non-re-cycled office paper with one ton that has 30% recycled contents avoids about 2.5 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. (One ton of paper is the high end of what two lawyers typically use a year.)
4. Recycle discarded office paper.
  • We have installed paper recycling bins in our work room and throughout our office.
5. Strive to move to a paperless practice.
  • Wong Fleming uses an encrypted extranet, which is a paper free way to share documents with our clients in a secure manner.
6. Eliminate the use of physical holiday cards.
  • For several years our firm has been sending e-holiday greetings rather than paper cards.
7. Re-use file folders and redwelds whenever possible.
  • We consistently re-use file folders and redwelds that are in good condition.
8. Reduce the amount of paper coffee cups and drink cups used by the office.
  • We encourage our staff to use glass coffee mugs provided by our firm or thermos type cups instead of paper cups.


    Reduce energy consumption

1. Phase out attorney desktops and replace with laptops since laptops   typically use 50 per cent less energy.
  • We have replaced all attorney desktops with laptops
2. Replace appliances with Energy Star rated units.
  • Our new office space is equipped with an Energy Star rated refrigerator and watercooler. The water cooler reduces the amount of plastic water bottles used by the staff.
3. Office lighting.
  • We have installed sensors in all offices in our Princeton office and have installed dimmers in our work room, break room and conference rooms to reduce our electrical use.
4. Install new copiers to reduce energy consumption.
  • Wong Fleming worked with our service provider, Ricoh, to install new copiers for our office, each of which has an energy saving sleep mode that activates when copiers are not in use. These units are all Energy Star Rated and are designed with default duplex printing to reduce paper consumption significantly. In addition, Ricoh is the first manufacturer to incorporate electric furnace melted steel sheets into their multifunctional devices. These sheets are made of 100% recycled steel, which help to reduce the consumption of environmental resources
5. Reduce electrical use for both heat and air conditioning.
  • Our building management has installed energy saving timers to ensure that energy is not being wasted by heating and cooling offices during non- working hours and weekends.
6. Install energy saving coffee makers
  • We have replaced our old coffee makers with more energy efficient machines. These units have an energy saving mode which reduces the machine’s energy usage during dormant periods. The units also have a two tank heating system which takes much less energy to heat only the water that is immediately needed.
7. Utilize free available day light.
  • Wong Fleming worked closely with the architects responsible for the design of our Princeton office to ensure that we utilized as much natural light as possible. All offices were built on outside perimeter walls and each office contains a glass sidelight which allows sunlight to brighten the halls and workspace cubicles.

    Use Green Products

1. Avoid buying products with excessive packaging or non-recycled product.
  • Our energy-efficient coffee makers  use improved packaging for their product. Our vendor is committed to reducing the impact of their product packaging on landfills. The vendor has been able to establish that due to reduced packaging materials used, a full tractor trailer can carry 3 times as much of their product than other coffee product. This translates to more product per truck, and therefore fewer trucks on the road and fewer gallons of gasoline burned.
2. Whenever possible, use green cleaning products.
  • The building management green policy includes using only green certified cleaning products.


1. Recycle all electronics.
  • We partner with Ricoh to ensure that all used electronics are recycled properly.
2. Recycle all batteries.
  • The building management has set up a program to recycle all batteries.

  Always consider the purchase of refurbished/recycled product whenever possible

1. Purchase only refurbished telephones that are compatible with our existing system.
  • Due to our office expansion in Princeton, it was necessary to purchase additional phones. We purchased refurbished phones instead of new phones.
2. Purchase as much refurbished/used furniture for our new office space.
  • For our new office space, we purchased a considerable amount of used/refurbished office furniture.

  Minimize our travel impact

1. Wong Fleming is committed to eliminating unnecessary business related flying as much as possible.
  • We have recently invested much time and expense to equip our new office conference rooms with cutting edge web and video conferencing capabilities. This will significantly cut down on the amount of travel required for client meetings, conferences and depositions. Wong Fleming regularly conducts internal training and meetings using WebEx and other video conferencing services to avoid travel.
2. Utilize Court Call whenever possible to reduce travel to and from court hearings.
  • Wong Fleming is committed to utilizing Court Call whenever possible to allow our attorneys to be included in telephonic court appearances when appropriate and available thereby reducing auto or air travel.